Month: April 2016

Fashion | Introductions

So, whilst I sit weeping on the floor in front of my pitiful wardrobe, wiping my nose with dresses I found scrunched up in the bottom, I might as well write a fashion column. The section will include OOTD posts, tips for saving money and one day, if I find the pennies, maybe, just maybe I will write […]


Mental Health | Introductions

Life has challenges for everyone; whether it’s working your way to the top of your career path, toxic relationships, or family feuds. It can be tough to manage day-to-day problems along with stresses and issues underlying them . Everyone knows someone who suffers from Mental Health issues – whether that’s Anxiety, Depression or even severe […]


Project 642 | Introductions

My brilliant boyfriend recently bought me the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto 642 Things to Write About Me Book to help motivate me to get back into blogging and start a new project. Of course, my intention is to start and finish every item in the book. That’s a whole 642 blog posts. Think I can’t commit? […]