CBT | What if?

Our anxious minds have bad habit of thinking the worst case scenario for everything we do.

In any situation, it’s easier to see the terrible consequences, rather than the good. We tend not to focus on good things that happen, and worry more about bad things that have happened, might happen or will happen.

Anxiety for many is a big question of ‘What if’ and with this never ending fear of things going wrong, upsetting someone or messing up, our adrenaline is constantly high and our fight or flight system is ignited unnecessarily. Continue reading “CBT | What if?”

Some Believe We Choose Our Parents, Why Choose Yours?

I was walking home from school after another disaster of a rehearsal. It was dark and raining – the kind of rain you get in a film; splashing violently off the road and back onto my already dripping hair. A flash of headlights and my mum pulled over, cuddled me and popped me in the car. My teacher had rang her and she’d come to … Continue reading Some Believe We Choose Our Parents, Why Choose Yours?