Do You Believe in Love At First Sight ?

To say you ‘fell in love at first sight’ can only be for vanity.

Love isn’t something merely based on one glance across the bar, or noticing your dream guy walking onto the room.

Sure, we all have the perfect type, and surprisingly, most of us end up falling in love with the person we least expected to.

There may be sparks and laughter, they might have the most perfect skin, it might feel like the strongest emotion you’ve ever had, but you are not in love immediately.

Love is much deeper than sight; it takes knowledge and emotions and trust to create the deep, fairytale-like, highly embarrassing to admit, somewhat destructive bond that is love.

I think love is a process; a story. A story that builds and builds and makes you realise all that is good.

It happens when you learn to accept differences; when you notice the little subconscious things they do when they’re happy, or sad; when you realise that if they ever needed you – no matter where or when – you would be there. Because all you want is for them to be happier than ever.
So no, I don’t believe in love at first sight, because nobody’s whole story is shown through a smile. Love has too much depth to be based on physical attraction.

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