CBT | Go to Bed and Get Some Sleep

Anxiety – along with life’s daily stresses and other mental health issues – can at times make it extremely difficult to switch off the thoughts along with the night light.
Suddenly, our minds think ‘what better to do at night time than to think about every tiny thing we’ve done and said today, and analyse how embarrassed we probably should be’ at 2am.

Luckily, sleeping regimes and methods are actually something we can train ourselves to be better at.  So here’s the ultimate guide to sleeping: 

Bye Bye Night Time Tea 

Drinking any caffeine after 4 o’clock can effect your sleeping pattern. It’ll keep your brain stimulated and alert into the early morning hours, enabling you to get around zero hours sleep.

So it’s time to stop with the fizzy drinks after work, coffees to get you through the last episode of your binge watching series and let go of the ‘cheeky cuppa’ when you get home.

Spice Things Up – or not 

Eating spicy foods near to bedtime can also be too stimulating and may end with you being unable to sleep. So no more spicy pizzas after a night out, guys.

Similarly however, going to bed hungry can also jeopardise sleep; not that I quite understand why you’ve all got into the habit of not having midnight snacks, but whatever.

Alcohol induced sleep? Nope 

‘Dammit’, I hear everyone say. Getting drunk before bed has actually been a tactic me and my mum decided on a while back, but it’s pretty bland drinking by yourself in the hope to get to sleep.

But, no surprise here, drinking alcohol really messes with the system; considering the fizzy mixers and the general mood alcohol creates in us, well, it’s best to stay away from alcohol – if not cut it out altogether.

Gentle Exercise 


A walk in the late afternoon can really help get rid of that excess Adrenalin we have left at the end of the day; helping us relax and bringing us back to the present day – rather than sitting with our thoughts whizzing.
In this weather, it’s hardly a chore to go out and get some fresh air in the evening before slumping into bed and getting cosy.

Naps? Nope

The average person only needs around 5 hours sleep to function on a daily basis. Anything extra is luxury. But by napping during the day, you give your body the recuperation it wants – which is great at the time, but then leads to difficulty sleeping at night. No matter how tired you are try and keep your exhaustion levels up right until bedtime.

Right that Routine 

Having a routine is the best way to train your brain; getting a decent sleeping pattern will do wonders for anxiety – so try to go to bed and get up at the same time everyday, even when it feels like hell spat on your face.

Relax in the evenings using breathing exercises, with a hot drink or bath and refrain from using technology in bed.

Achieve your #bedroomgoals 

Fun fact: Cats sleep for two-thirds of their life. If you’re choosing the cat life (or if it chose you), spend time, money and effort to make your bedroom a sanctuary. Keep it clean, add a lamp and bring in cooling blues and fresh whites.

Bed are for sleeping 

I’m a big advocate of spending every free moment you have in bed doing work and reading articles, so I’m probably not the best person to be taking sleep advice from! But, if you can’t sleep after 30 minutes, get up and do something else for 15 minutes and try again. Using your bed as an office/library/den like some of us is not ideal.

If sleeping in really isn’t working, do what I do; use your early mornings to do all the things you should have done last night that ultimately fell into second place on the priority list as soon as you realised you had Game of Thrones to watch.


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