‘You can do it!’ Who is telling, where are you and why?

Breathing deeply in a panic, I cowered into the corner and held in a little scream. Retreating back into my shell, I thought of all the better situations I could be in right now. 
I could be in Disneyland for a start, hell, I could just be down the road and feel better than I do now. 

I attempted to plan my escape route from the room, but every noise, scuttle and movement heard was a set back. This was it. This would be the end for me. 

The ceilings were high, and my little legs wouldn’t be able to scale the walls. The ground wasn’t safe.

I grabbed my phone. Someone had to be in the area; had to understand; had to come help. Anyone, surely. 

Nobody answered. Of course. I felt sick and my legs were shaking. I’d been trapped here for hours. 

I began to think about everything that had brought me to this moment. Did I deserve to be trapped? Would this effect me in the future? What if I’m caught hostage again? 

I felt his eyes stare right through me. He saw every movement I’d attempt before I even planned them. 

I was done. I was done of being trapped. Of living my life in fear and watching my every move so not to agrivate him. I was going to escape and I was going to do it now. 

‘You can do it!’ I heard my mum laugh from downstairs. ‘What’s taking you so long, are you okay?’ 

I could hear the concern in her voice. I see her motherly instincts had finally kicked in… It was now or never. 

I grabbed the nearest weapon; A cup. 

Carefully and silently, I approached the corner of the room. Keeping my mind on the prize; freedom. 

I was stuck. I’d hit the metaphorical wall that stood between me and peace. Everyone knows you can’t just break through that wall; it’s stronger than brick when it wants to be – if you let it. 

I couldn’t let it. This was merely a reflection of events in the past; times I’d let myself be beaten by The Wall. 

Not this time. Shaking, I threw the cup and ran. As I made it to the door, desperately trying to unlock it, I looked back to see the destruction that I’d hoped to have caused. 

I could see the rage, the anger turning him crazy. Now he was trapped. Never again would he dictate me. Or anyone. I was up in the hall of heroes now. 

I fled the room. Relieved. 

‘Are you okay?’ Mum said. 

‘Don’t worry about me’ I said, looking into the distance like all the heroes do in the films. 

She would never know the battle I had won. 

The risks I had taken to save our family. 

The fight I almost lost. 

The life I had taken. 

‘Oh Abi. It was just a spider. You’re 21, you need to do something about this phobia.’ 

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