Bad Moods aren’t always Depression. 

As I come to the end of my therapy sessions, the inevitable fear of relapsing is kicking in a little. I – like most people – have good weeks and bad weeks. Sometimes I have great days and bad months.   But once you’ve suffered with something like a mental health problem, those bad times can go from bad to horrific in 0-3 seconds. Rather than … Continue reading Bad Moods aren’t always Depression. 

Fashionably Late Pt. 1

Hi guys, I’m Abi. A girl who talks herself out of buying things she wants for months, only to complain that she has nothing to wear; a girl who’s so late to the fashion party that those around her think she’s a hipster – probably managing to bring back trends by finally buying all the things everyone had four years ago. Refusing for half a year to get her mile-long hair cut because it costs too much, and only spending money on Thursdays (pay day).

Well, I finally joined the century and spent my hard earned, dribs and drabs of cash in order to expose my knees, shoulders and neckline like the rest of the Kardashian wannabees.

It’s taken so long for me to spend any money on luxuries, that my blog has been open for months with two of the categories being entirely empty…

But it’s cool, cause now I look cool. Right?

First off, the hair. I think the kids call it a ‘lob’ which sounds extremely stupid to say aloud, both myself and the hairdresser now know, as I cowered into myself whilst saying three letters together of which I’m pretty sure mean absolutely nothing.

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Stop Picking On the ‘Skinny’ Girls

Slim with a babyface. That’s me. Actually, not slim: ‘Skinny’.  Poked and prodded from all angles by strangers and distant relatives I barely know, people seem to think I’m totally cool being treated like a science project, and are quick to watch me binge on cakes and sweets, only to then reminisce about ‘I was as skinny as you once’ – As if to somehow … Continue reading Stop Picking On the ‘Skinny’ Girls



The aim of my blog is to write out the lessons I learn into relatable nuggets of information for the internet that commuters, bloggers and closeted sufferers can immerse themselves into to help them be the people they know they are; I aim to help all I can, and hope my experiences shed light on other people’s situations, even if it’s just for a brief minute on the way to work, or half an hour on a Tuesday night.  Continue reading “;”