Fashionably Late Pt. 2


Hey guys! I finally got round to writing Part 2, of my Fashionably Late introduction. In this post, you can see plenty of shoulders, necklines and knees. What more could you possibly want when reading a blog on a Sunday?

As previously mentioned, I recently worked hard and played a little; treating myself to some of the latest trends, just before the next big thing arrives. This isn’t necessarily a saving tip – more a reflection on how long it takes me to decide to part with cash.

I’m not a particularly colourful person; I like white and black and things to look clean. So I was pleased to find these items at affordable prices whilst still looking like the real deals.

The sunglasses, dress and bodysuit (that makes me feel like a Kardashian) are from H&M, which is the immediate go-to store when looking for essentials.
I’ve always been a big fan of their summer time cotton playsuits and tea dresses, so when I found these cool items that are a little more grown up, I thought I’d bite the bullet.

As for accessories, I barely ever leave the house without my Brogues. Whether I’m wearing them, or storing them in my bag just in case. (You can never trust the British weather…)
I bought these ones ages ago after they were on sale in the kid’s section in New Look. The adult ones weren’t wide footed, and not in the sale, so I bagged myself these for about £6 instead. They’ve lasted forever and so far, I’m not seeing the end in site. My stepdad sprayed them with waterproof spray, so they’ll last much longer too.
The cute bear ear headband? Poundland! You’ll be surprised to find how nice things are in the unexpected places.
My denim jacket is a hand-me-down, hand-me-down again. So costing no money whatsoever, I can pull off the hipster/Insta look no problem.

Regarding the jeans; these were a struggle. I spend so long trying jeans on in different lengths and sizes, different amounts of rips, high waist, low rise, skinny, super skinny, it’s actually a miracle that I found these pair.
Usually, I splash about £36 on jeans – because high street shops such as Topshop and River Island are really the only places selling jeans with waist and length sizes in a pick ‘n mix style.
These £12 beauts are just from a small independent shop in Bradford. They started with just one slit on each knee, and the more you wear them, the more the slit begins to fray and look better!

Overall, you’re looking at most of my capsule wardrobe. And my friends will be quick to let you know just how much I’ve worn these things to death already. But there’s a few months left of good weather, so they’re here to stay. Sorry!

Top – Now £3.99, H&M
Dress – £5.99 H&M
Sunglasses – £6.99, H&M
Brogues – Similar, New Look

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