Honey I Want Kids… Clothes

It’s my birthday week! And yesterday I took a nice little day off with momma to celebrate in our usual shabby-chic style with afternoon tea.

A few weeks ago I learnt something that’s been annoying me since: Kids’ clothes aren’t taxed, which is why they’re cheaper.

Now, back when I was a kid, running around with a lack of clothes on was no biggie. But it’s hardly like an adult – topless men being an exception – can run around without clothes. Therefore surely, clothes are more of an essential, rather than a luxury for adults than they are for kids!

Anyway, for anyone lucky enough to have been chosen by the petite life, you’ll find you can save a tonne of money and dress pretty for a much prettier price.

A few months back, I saw a playsuit I wanted in New Look, but couldn’t decide on the fit. Through the summer sales, it was knocked right down to a tenner, so it was no surprise that I almost took the plunge (told you I take a while to part with money).

But, on the way to the changing rooms, wading through the 915 range, I found this cute lil number for £9.99 in a 13 years.

Find it here 

It fit much better than the adult one and cost less too (Thankyou boyfriend’s student discount card).
I absolutely adore playsuits because they can be worn in any season. So to find out I can actually save money and buy pretty patterned ones is practically a birthday present in itself.

I paired it with a long sleeve white top and went on my way to scoffing my face with scones.
Happy Friday everyone!



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