Breaking the bank: Bank Holiday Haul

    Jacket: H&M (In store exclusive, I think) Bralette: H&M £12.99 Floral Top: River Island £26.99 White Tee: New Look Backpack: New Look £18.99 Remember when I wrote about Saving, Spending and Splurging? That all went out of the window this weekend. My bank account and I crossed paths, and Debit cards were disturbed from their hibernating, cocktails were had and debt was created… Happy … Continue reading Breaking the bank: Bank Holiday Haul

For the Sufferers and the Friends 

  A number of my friends suffer from Anxiety or Depression: We helped each other stay grounded and make light of the world when it’s feeling particularly dark. Some people are better at hiding it than others, and just as you think they’ve gotten over their worst days, they’re back to feeling low. That’s the thing about mental health issues; they don’t go away for good, … Continue reading For the Sufferers and the Friends