Look Smart, Sweat Less


If you’re anything like me – 22 years old, freezing to death whilst also seemingly going through the hot flushes of menopause – you’ll understand that Summer makes getting ready for work pretty difficult.

Our workplace is pretty lax, so we don’t have a uniform or dress code in the office, but I still like to look presentable and smart.

Instead of forking out for new work attire that I’ll probably wear once – only to then use as a tissue whilst crying to myself thinking ‘Why did I spend moneyyyyy on a pencil skirt’ , I’ve gone for the slightly less dramatic option and used what I’ve got.

Pink Shorts – Boohoo (Similar)
Shirt – Primark £10
Sunglasses – £6.99
Tartan – £3 Brantanos Charity Shop
Black Shorts – Primark 2014

I’ve found that scallop trim shorts have become my best friends this Summer. Whether I wear them with tights or I decide to treat the world to the view of my pale and pastey sticks we call legs, I feel smart and sophisticated.

My Primark white shirt has become a staple piece in my capsule wardrobe – not just for work. It’s a really light material, so it’s perfect for keeping cool, and hangs really nicely with jeans, or tucks with for a textured look with skirts and shorts.

As for the tartan, it’s actually an old dress I bought last year at a charity shop that I now wear as a top.

Most of these items I’ve had for a year or more, so they’re not only affordable, they’re also a great investment. Smart shorts are pretty much a timeless piece and will stand the tests of time, so grab yourself a few – they’re easy to wear, no matter what season.

What’s also great is that these outfits aren’t necessarily just for work; they’re easy to wear in the Summer for any party, shopping trip or anything else you lucky people might be getting up to.

What do you guys think?



    1. Jessica Forrester

      Yeah, I’d definitely wear a uniform if I had the option! It’d definitely keep my flat tidier – my room can be tidy when I go to bed, and the whole floor can be covered in clothes deciding what to wear in a morning! Haha


  1. Sarmistha Goswami

    I have forever wanted something with a scalloped hemline because they look so cute and feminine. I somehow never bought anything because I had something else to buy at that moment! LOL! Really love your shorts and the way you have styled them. Both the outfits are so pretty and summer appropriate! Thanks for sharing. Do drop by my blog as well : http://styleovercoffee.com 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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