Save, Spend, Spurlge 

The biggest part of shopping for fashion on a tight budget, is knowing where to invest and where to save your cash for those bigger items you’ll want in the future.



You may not agree with the idea of spending as little on a LBD as possible, but considering the chances of us wanting to wear the same dress over and over again is unlikely – especially around the same group of people – put your credit cards away and hit the shops with the tuppence in your purse. I stumbled upon mine in a charity shop for £3.99 and never looked back. Plus, it’s from New Look originally.
Vests, Summer Dress and Playsuits

When I type those items, I automatically think of H&M. Kind to the purse, and offering a massive range of cotton dresses and playsuits in pretty prints, this is your best budget bet. Summer doesn’t last long around here, and by next season there’ll be new trends and styles that’ll make you say ‘as if I ever wore that‘ so best to keep things cheap and cheerful.


It doesn’t matter where you got them from or how much they were, you are going to accidentally sit on them, lose them – or if you’re my step dad – drop them into the oven. So don’t waste too much money on Raybans when there’s so many cheaper options that look exactly the same and won’t cause an emotional breakdown when inevitably unusable.
I got mine from H&M and another pair I got free for drinking five shots of sourz. And what


Night Out

Going Budget Fashion, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. We’ve all had those last-minute nights out that require a new outfit. Chances of finding the perfect fit are limited, so head to Topshop or River Island for things a little more tailored. 

Plain White Tee

Contrary to popular belief, that fluorescent pink bra you’re wearing doesn’t look good whilst shining through your White tee.
Spend some decent money on this staple item for an easy ‘throw on experience’ for those lazy days when being a personal stylist just isn’t happening. Make sure it’s not see through and hangs well.


Ma babe. A stiff pair of leather brogues are the perfect staple item to splash the cash on. Spray with waterproof coating and they’ll probably last twice as long again. Brogues are perfect for a summer style, formal look or casual shindig, so usage X money makes these items a great investment. Be sure to get a good quality with strong soles and good laces!


If you’re anything like me – too skinny and too tall – spending money on jeans is your only option. Places like River Island and Topshop are perfect, but pricey, as you can find a fit that matches your waist and length sizes perfectly. I buy all my jeans from River Island. And once they’re a little faded, re-colour them with fabric due to give them that brand new look again.



Simply put, I have an obsession with coats. Cheap or not, if I see it and like it, I need it. But coats are pretty expensive, but if they’re multi-seasonal and will last a good few years, they’re a great investment.
My most recent coat splurge (other than a £5 waterproof from the charity shop) was my babein’ nude pink tailored trench from Topshop. Coming in at £98, I hyperventilated when she suggested I pay an additional 5p for a bag.

The colour works as both causal or formal, and makes me feel super sophisticated. With its many uses and ways to wear – there’s lots of hidden buttons – this is possibly my favourite coat yet.

My mum knows the hell that it is to traipse through the Isles of shoes in the high street, trying to find the perfect pair of plimsolls; pure white but not too white, wide foot, not a chunky sole, black with white soles, the list goes on… Only to find in two months time they’re knackered and have to be chucked. Once again the hunt begins.

Which is why a few years back, I opted for my first pair of Converse and a set of Fred Perry plimsolls. Totalling £90. Both are still in great condition and have aged into the grubby white style that all our inner skater kids love.

Converse are renown for lasting years, so to save the hassle and stress of bi-monthly shoe shopping, grab yourselves a pair of kicks.

Lace up or slip-ons, whatever your style, invest in boots.

I personally hate boots, and yet own four pairs. I feel like boots make my legs look fat and feel too chunky for my typically light and feminine style. But when winter comes and I’m laughing at all the folks slipping and a sliding on the ice, I’ll be grateful for those badboys keeping me safe.

Find a pair that fit well – even with a few lawyers of socks. Make sure they’re watertight and strong. Waterproof is best and a couple of years guarantee in the bag is the winner.

What’s your opinions? What do you save, spend and splurge on?

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