Tips For Moving Out

SCOUR THE INTERNET You’ll find a tonne of sites online – Zoopla, Rightmove, Gumtree etc – but until you’ve scoured them all, don’t make any decisions. Whilst most high street agencies use all these house search sites these days, you’ll find a few others from privatised landlords and such hiding in there. ALWAYS BOOK VIEWINGS: THE POWER OF THE FISHEYE LENSAdding a little brightness on … Continue reading Tips For Moving Out

This is for the ones made to feel worthless, guilty and ashamed.

You are not the problem.  Don’t listen to the people trying to tell you how to act and react to things they do and say. Don’t give them the time of day trying to explain yourself when they tell you to ‘not take things so personally’. Screw the ones who manipulate you into thinking you’re irrational or pathetic and wrong. The ones who make you anxious in … Continue reading This is for the ones made to feel worthless, guilty and ashamed.

When you’re prescribed medication

There’s a huge stigma towards Mental Health issues and being medicated for such. Antidepressants, anti-anxiety and sleeping tablets are never something someone openly admits to taking, and there’s a sense of shame covering up the whole idea that the medication is there to help. There’s people who will refuse medications and sit through endless therapy sessions hoping to get better, and there’s people who can’t … Continue reading When you’re prescribed medication