Halloween with Boohoo  

It’s been a while bloggers, I’m sorry! The busy world of adulthood, jobs and moving house seriously gets in the way when trying to maintain my little space on the internet.

This year for Halloween, the squad and I chose a renown pub crawl near our hometown as the place to strut our Halloween costumes.
With very limited funds and only a few days to think, I opted for Boohoo’s perfect range of fancy dress body suits.

Going out to the city meant I wanted to look stylish whilst also keeping the essence of Halloween, so this Bat Print Mesh Bodysuit was the perfect steal at £6.

The bats covered the body enough to not feel too exposed on the day, and paired with a shiny web cape by Asda and some old leggings, I was set for the day at the beautiful price of £16.

Next on the agenda was a family party at the boyfriend’s sister’s where there was plenty of games and fancy dress!

This time, instead of Batwoman-esque I chose another Boohoo body  for £6 that was a little less revealing AND GLOWED IN THE DARK.

My black spiderwoman look was  created with the Amy Halloween Glow in the Dark Spider Web Bodysuit, paired with my old leggings and some patent, lace-up boots.

Overall the weekend was a whirlwind of socialising and boohoo fangirling. Pretty sure I’ll be wearing these bodysuits all year round…

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