An Embroidery Kind of Love

The current, biggest trend on the high street is embroidered-bloody-everything and I bloody love it.

At first, I wasn’t set on the whole idea, but after several months of embroidery indoctrination, I am obsessed and cannot wait to be able to buy a few timeless items.

My favourite style has to be red / pink floral on black because the contrast really enhances the colours.

I’m looking for a few key items for my wardrobe to make me feel confident and hawt – something I never ever feel. I wanna go out on the town and feel like I look good, rather than the baby-faced insecure mess who hasn’t had new clothes in a looonnnggg time that I actually am.

Bodysuits are something I absolutely live for, and if I could just wear bodies, I totally would. They make tucking in so much easier, cling nicely to your figure and are just perfection in my eyes.

I’ve created a wishlist of items I already intend to buy on Depop with my first paycheck. So don’t be surprised when a bunch of OOTD posts involve me just rolling around in floral embroidery. Take this as your heads up.

What do you think of the trend?



White Floral Embroidered Shirt: Newlook, £24.99 ,    White Floral Blouse: Romwe, £17.34, Floral Mesh Bodysuit: Silkfred, £49
Black Leather Embroidered Skirt: Newlook, £9, Skye Mesh Bodysuit: Boohoo, £16, Veronika Bodycon Dress: PLT, £15
Embroidered Bomber Jacket: Asos, £31.50, Emily Halter Bodysuit: Boohoo, £16, Karianna Cut Out Dress: PLT, £20
Taylor Shirt Dress: Boohoo, £20, Caroline Shirt Dress: Boohoo, £10, Angie Shorts: PLT, £12
Darcy Floral Bodysuit: PLT, £18, Megan Floral Body: Misspap, £24, Megan Sleeve Body: Misspap, £24
Olivia Embroidered Body: Quiz, £22.99, Black Skate Dress: Quiz, £14.99


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