Today I was a Victim of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace 

It’s been almost two weeks since I started my new role, and I am beyond happy and excited to head into work each day. The work, the freedom and the creative flexibility is everything I could possibly want.

As part of my role, I have to deal with retail suppliers – one of which has decided he cannot work with me because I am a woman.

After dismissing my boss and I at the recent buying show, my emails were left to go dusty in the inbox and I’ve received no contact.

Until today, I had assumed I was dealing with someone a little less of a computer whizz and they were simply behind on their emails. Then it was revealed that the man/company had a problem with working with women and that we didn’t appear a potentially big enough customer.

My Reaction? I laughed.

And I guess that’s probably not the correct response, but I’ve never really needed to think about how I’d react if someone over the age of 12 was still taking advice from a ‘girls smell, boys rule’ pencil case from W H Smiths they’ve had since Primary school.

You might think I’m naive or just plain out dumb, but I’m a young, white British girl – there’s not a much more privileged demographic.

I guess as a millennial, it’s never seemed a reality that there’s people so stubborn in their ways. I’ve grown up educated in a school and town where everyone was accepted irregardless of their race, gender or sexuality.

Inequality in the workplace is just something I’ve heard of, assumed extreme feminists were taking too far (‘if you wanna be a builder, nobody is stopping you‘) and never experienced. Granted, my career has been primarily working in an office of women with my mum as the manager.

So all I knew to do in the situation was laugh. Because to me, it’s hilarious. Here I am being given all these managerial responsibilities, worrying that my age (and my baby face) will lead people to not take me seriously, and boom, my gender becomes a problem.

And it’s hilarious from a business perspective that there’s people in 2017 genuinely trying to make a name for themselves whilst blocking out 50% of the population. Like they genuinely believe that’ll work. It’s barbaric, and for that reason, I laughed.

My company’s reaction? They’ve scrapped their pre-established accounts with them. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to work with someone who sticks their tongue out and doesn’t let girls play in the treehouse; singing ‘I’m the king of the castle’ to his silly lonely self.

So their accounts were stopped, the products are on sale and there’ll be no more work for them. Sorry guiz. And the best part: The rest of my employees in charge of the accounts are male. Yep, I don’t work in a ‘women doing it for themselves’ style company; I work with people from all backgrounds – men and women – and they value me as much as I value them.

If I didn’t feel like part of the team before, I certainly do now. And I’m happy to be working for such an accepting and supportive company.

A Final Comment 

I’d like to point out that I haven’t been disgustingly offended by his actions, and if anything, it makes me want to work harder so I can poke him in the eye with a girly fluffy pencil and shout ‘HA’ when we become the customer he wants.

I have no plans to become a massive advocate of fourth-generation feminism because of some bachelor bitch, and I won’t be burning my bra or releasing a pop song about girl power (sorry, Beyoncé, that song was weak). It doesn’t make me wanna sit down with my peers and discuss the state of the country and the inequalities for women in the workplace, either.

And as far as inequality in the workplace goes, there’s crappy statistics about wages which are – in all fairness – super annoying. Because I could really do with the extra 17p an hour or whatever it is right now. But when it comes to job stereotypes, it’s the general population that’s discriminate.

You’re more likely to laugh at your male friend who’s just become a Molly’s Maid than to consider how his wage compares to female cleaners. Just like girls will shy away from the tomboy who wants to work as a builder, a champion weight lifter or salesman.

When is feminism going to make space for Peopleism? Because whilst us girls are effing and blinding about the suffering we go through, I don’t hear many men complaining about the discrimination they have to deal with.
Again, you might think I’m stupid because ‘men have always been superior and women died so I could have the life I lead’, but you don’t see male-only taxi companies or car insurance just for boys. Men suffer from domestic abuse. Men get raped. Men get discriminated in the workplace.

Feminism in its present form is so stupidly extreme it’s practically backwards. Maybe tenth generation feminists will die so that men no longer have the right to vote. And you can bet men’ll get plenty more stick now, too; you know, because Donald Trump is male and therefore none of them can be cracking.

Personally Peoplism seems like the easiest thing ever. (I mean, if you could surround yourself with animals and discriminate against people, you totally would!?). Maybe everyone just fighting for equality – the right way – has the right idea.

If you throw your extreme feminist views in my face, I’ll react in the same way as I did to the man who gave me every reason to follow your pack of power puff girls screaming for cheaper car insurance and taxis that only play Who Runs the World on repeat.

Girls don’t run the world. And neither do men. The West runs the world and that’s fucked up enough as it is, before we all start causing never-ending wars between the privileged people.


Peopleism would be equality for people. Stop complaining that your gender is paid a huge 20p more or less than the opposite: Start complaining that some people are working for 20p. No more or less. Don’t free the nipple as a shout-out to all yo’ girls,  just start shopping at clothes stores that offer decent wages for all their staff and producers.

Just get a grip and stop playing your Western tug of war game – girls against boys. Neither of you are going to win.

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