Valentine’s with Topshop 

Thanks to a Topshop voucher I’ve had since Christmas, I managed to grab this little number for date night at the weekend.

The 12th marked the day my boyfriend and I met a year ago, and our second date was Valentine’s Day – so a new dress was definitely in order for the celebration. (Honestly I’m taking any excuse for a little clothes shopping right now. It’s been so long!)

Anyway, this stunning piece was knocked down from £55, to £20 – slotting it nicely into my voucher budget.

I absolutely love the textures and intricacy. There’s textured lace and embroidery and the rich velvet skirt is repeated on the sleeves. Everything has clearly been thought about and perfected.

I think the lace trim at the bottom gives it a little 20s vibe, whilst the rest of the number screams gothic romanticism. I’m practically a literature book.

The colour is amazing, and the lace sleeves cover everything up for anyone a little self conscious.

After buying it right after work on Friday, I classily got changed in the toilets of the shopping centre to prep for drinking rocktails at the Slug and Lettuce. Just like a year ago.

Actual Valentines Day was filled with work and questionable homemade quesadillas. But I was treated to roses, a creme egg and some new dental floss. A practical haul.

Daniel was presented with a number of printed out Valentine’s cards that will now be framed for my fangirling activities all around our room.What did you guys get up to?


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