#LoveYourself ft. Swim Classy

“Today I am wearing lacy black underwear
For the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them.’

– Hannah Baker, 13 Reasons Why

Anyone else spent years eagerly waiting for this season to come out?  This quote from Hannah’s poem perfectly sums up what we were talking about in my last post, which we’re continuing with this week: Feeling attractive for ourselves.

As you might’ve already seen on Instagram, I’ve been lucky enough to begin collaborating with the lovely people at Swim Classy – an international brand for swimwear and loungewear which make women feel hawt and sawcy sexy.

I was messaged a couple of weeks back by a member of their team and asked to be an online promoter for their #LoveYourself campaign.
Excellent timing, I thought to myself. 

The catch? All natural photos. Shit.

After discussing everything I see wrong with my appearance last week, this lanky lady isn’t particularly pleased by the idea of showing the world her patchy pink skin. But receiving such a great reaction to the post – with plenty of people reaching out and relating – I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to keep us all motivated on our journey to being body confident sass queens.

The campaign – if it isn’t obvious- aims to help us all feel a little more confident in our own skin; to love ourselves without hiding behind the filters that the online world allow us.

Whilst I don’t wear any makeup, I am no stranger to filters. I am comforted by the fact that whenever and wherever I post something online, there is always the option to add little lighting or editing. I’m a big fan of reducing the saturation in my blog images, or adding a little more exposure – simply to make my hideous pastey skin a tad more presentable. That’s my insecurity, and whilst this isn’t a process I’m going to stop anytime soon, I can see the damage it does to my self esteem: My edited photos make me feel good about myself, but unfortunately look nothing like photos I end up being tagged in by my family and friends. And especially not when compared to the stunners that are my friends.
Seeing raw, ‘real-life’ photos, I feel truly hideous, and I know that by not embracing those off-guard captured facial expressions and untamed hair moments, I’m only making my self-hate a lot worse for myself.

A technical explanation *

*Skip ahead if you’re reading this late at night, hate science, came here for an easy read and don’t want to re-assess your whole life. 

A few years back (like, the 1970s…) there was research done that proved we – as a species- are way less in tune with our actual features, which is what makes us so insecure and self-loathing when we see pictures others take of us.

The You you’re most familiar with, then, is actually an exact opposite of how you look to others. Granted, it’s an intuitive reversal, so it doesn’t bother us when we see it, but it implants a self-image that’s intrinsically wrong. Source

In the era of selfie taking and front-facing cameras, we’re exposed to even more of our mirror image, which makes pictures from other people’s perspectives feel even worse than they used to. We’re so used to seeing our features up close and head on, that seeing them from afar feels extremely distorted. I know personally I feel like I look like a totally different person, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Back to #LoveYourself

Even my thighs aren’t the same shape? 

Whilst I can’t say I feel particularly comfortable uploading images of my raw legs, red arms and new (awful) fringe, I love the concept of the #LoveYourself campaign, and feel it’s important for me to continue sharing my confidence story, to encourage others to feel beautiful in themselves.

Let’s ignore the clothing pile and bucket seat… 

I’m a mahoosive hypocrite when it comes to things like body confidence, but I’m trying to stick by my own advice, and at the end of the day, this is my little space on the internet to experiment. If I can use it to boost my own self-esteem – as well as plenty of others – then that is what I shall do.

To get started, I chose Mika One Piece Swimsuit because I totally love the cage bra trend. And with my very limited chest area, it’s hard to find lace / cage bras that don’t sag or look loose. Which is why this swimsuit is perfect for me, as it doubles up as extra detailing under low cut outfits when I’m not flapping my arms around in some sort of vat of water.


All the Swim Classy swimwear is made with a silky smooth material which is super soft on the skin and hugs all the right places, too.

There’s plenty more on the site to browse through – from swimsuits, and two-pieces, right through the lounging pants and crops so you can feel body confident, even if it’s just in the privacy of your own home (small steps).  What else? You can use the PEPTALK25 discount code for 25% off!

Whilst I’m terrible at applying my own pep talks and advice to myself, I think we all need sometimes be reminded that we are the selfies we take: No matter the filter we choose, or the contrast we add, our features, face, beauty and sass are still us. We’re all beautiful and we need to help ourselves remember that, as well as showing others how to love themselves.

It’s easy to let insecurities rule our world – especially if you’ve ever open Snapchat up to find selfie mode showing off your least attractive angle. But when you’ve had a down day, get dressed up in your favourite outfit, strut your stuff and have your own little party. I assure you, you’ll feel a lot better.

It’s so great to be part of the #LoveYourself campaign, and I am excited to work with the brand in the future.

But in the meantime, don’t forget to take a browse and get 25% discount on all orders with the PEPTALK25 discount code.

One Comment

  1. LainyR

    I’m really enjoying these articles about body image and how we see ourselves. I can totally relate to them. I think the majority of us are insecure about our bodies and the way we look. However, I’m now past the insecurities of my youth and only wish I could turn back the clock and waste less time worrying about it and spend more time enjoying it and appreciating how fabulous my body and skin was back then! I now face the insecurities of ageing and the way it’s changing my body, skin, hair and health.

    Although I now care a lot less about what others think of me, (which is a blessing and a relief) I have to confess that I now hate several parts of my older body and would really like the young one that I was once unhappy with back please 😳

    On a positive note though, I must add that as I’ve got older I have felt less pressure to impress, which has freed me in some way and and lead to moments of feeling good about myself. I think as you get older you do realise that other people see you in the exact same way that you see them. A person is a whole package and we look at each other as a whole thing and don’t just focus on one area like we do when we look at ourselves. We look in the mirror or at a photograph and look straight at the parts that we hate and concentrate on them, but if we were capable of just stepping back and looking at ourselves as others do we would see how everything fits together right, including our personality, intelligence, the way we treat others.

    You look great by the way, so relax, embrace your youthful skin, luscious hair, slim body, pretty features and make the most of it whilst its all in the right place! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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