Mog on the Tyne Cat Cafe

This weekend we went North North. 

You know? Where they speak that funny language? Yep, Newcastle. ‘Neuuuuk assel’ 

Being super cat lovers, we thought of the fab idea to take my little cousin to Mog on the Tyne; A cat cafe hidden in the heart of the city where humans are free to gawk and squeal at their favourite fluffy non-human companions. 

The cafe is home to 8 cats from a local shelter so it’s a win win for both cats and cat lovers alike. 

The cafes decor is perfectly kitty inspired too; with pastel shades of pink and purple graffiti of cats and plenty of cushions – including a plusheen cat cushion that my cushion was more interested in than the real deal… 

Even the chairs got to experience life as the four pawed rulers of the world with these adorable cat foot socks. 

The star of the show – who turned out to be a little devil – was Stan.

Stan the Man is known to be a little temperamental after a car accident left him with a poorly jaw meaning his tongue is constantly sticking out – which is both sad and adorable.  

He also had an adorable little bandana and a hunger for human food. 

Everyone has those ‘just my luck’, ‘this could only happen to me’ kind of stories and we are no different.

Not long after meals were served (the cafe had a selection of pawninis, hot chocolates, cakes and sharing platter), Stan was ready for a piece of the action – or shall we say, a piece of the ham – and managed to steal a slice from one of the tables. 

His audience didn’t know whether to laugh, gawp or be annoyed… 

so we opted for a mix, whilst the now ham-less victim took the !news badly – letting everyone know ‘HE JUST STOLE OUR HAM?’ Repeatedly.

A few moments passed and by this point, Stan had moved onto eyeing up our table for a piece of sweet brownie. Because this guy’s into his 2 course meal structure. 

My mum heroically lifted him off the table, only to be hit by a her own scolding cup of coffee all down her, courtesy of Stan’s karate leg… 

This all actually happened in the space of about 2 minutes, so it was pretty chaotic. 

Coffee on the floor, stolen ham, a delicious Jaffa cake milkshake and my cousin was still more interested in a cat cushion. 

Kids, ey? 

The food was lovely, and the whole cafe is great. The cats were a lot less attention-loving this time round, which was probably difficult for little kids to understand.

Because I’m obviously an excellent cat cafe fangirl, I rocked up in my Mog on the Tyne t-shirt I bought last time, with my new skirt from the Barnardos charity shop. 

I wasn’t the only one sporting a new look, either – mum had to buy new jeans after the coffee incident! 

All in all, a great day was had. Next up: Nottingham Cat Cafe! I hope they have t-shirts. 

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