Wishlist Wednesday: Sainsbury’s 

Every week for the I’ll be sharing with you a variety of wishlists from stores and sites I’ve recently visited. You can catch up with the whole series in the Fashion Tab. 

Nipping in for our weekly shop, and having to wait for our fresh pizza to be made (ugh, the inconvenience, amiright?) I had a little look at the latest supermarket homeware and stationery and boy have they upped their game!

Grabbing my phone and taking photos of pretty much everything, I knew that it was a bloody good job I haven’t been paid yet… otherwise far too many things – including a wicker alpaca – would now be filling our spare room.

Instead, I’ve stayed calm and collected and created a decent wishlist, rather than splashing the cash I did not have.

H I N T E R L A N D   L I  V I N G

First off, my new companion my alpaca had to be featured. I genuinely carried him around trying to find Daniel to show him. The way I see it, this is the first step to finally getting my kitten or puppy.

Next, I’ve really been loving charcoal shades with rich orange/red shades at the moment. Not entirely sure why, but I think it’s perfect for summer and making the house look modern and fresh. I’m hoping to one day dye the upholstery on our sofa (not sure how just yet) so that I can update it with new cushions and pazaz.

Orange Geo Throw – £20
Orange Geo Woven Cushion – £16
Wicker Alex the Alpaca – £16

G A R D E N    R O O M

Ain’t these just delightful? I’ve momentarily moved away from my old shabby-chic self but I think this range really brings it back with a cooler and sleeker style. Rather than honing in on the pastel shades we’re used to, these botanical beauties burst out and just look fresh and inviting. Paired with a flavoursome room spray, you’re set for Springtime all year round.

Printed Floral Cushion – £12
Set of 3 Faux Florals – £15
Floral Footed Mug – £4

There was a tonne of other things in store – and I’m especially in love with the latest marble, rose gold and purple stationery – but they’re not online to showcase.

I don’t know whether it’s because they now own Habitat, or if they’ve just upped their game, but I’m truly impressed with the new ranges. It’s sent me on a total interior design trip, and I’m excited!

What do you think?

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