Wishlist Wednesday: BooHoo

Pretty much everyone loves Boohoo, and there’ll never not be something to pine over.

It’s a pretty new brand in the grand scheme of things, and I’ve been shopping since day one – so it’s cool to see how far they’ve come and the change in their style and variety.

This week, we’re taking things back to this high street style brand, to take a lot at a few things I’d love to add to my Summer capsule wardrobe.

I’m still looking for ways to pop colours into my warmer wardrobe and find a few things that will just give my clothes that extra something.

Jenny Slim Fit Borg Collar Denim Jacket – £25


After finding some delightful green splodges on my denim shirt recently, meaning it had to be binned, I’ve realised that I’d quite like a different colour – something that adds prettiness to any of my outfits and can add a little style to the piece. I absolutely love blush pinks and the Borg Collar makes this piece suitable for Summer, Spring and Autumn.

Cat Cushion – £12


I didn’t even know Boohoo did  home-ware until I spotted this lil’ beauty. This adorable cat cushion deserves a space in my house with my other two cat cushions…

Lucy Sports Trim Zip Front Bomber Dress



Becky Satin Parka – £30


Nia Sunflower Ruffle Playsuit – £15


I absolutely sunflowers and this playsuit could definitely brighten a moody Monday morning.

Florence Embroidered Plunge Dress – £18


I love this because it sticks by my ‘I wanna feel sexy but also I like florals’ vibe. It’s a grown up take on an old classic.

Sofie Flamingo Embroidered Oversize Denim Jacket – £35


I saved this piece till last because I’ve been on a serious hunt this week to find the perfect embroidered denim jacket. It’s perfect for throwing over absolutely anything in Summer. I saw this one on someone’s Instagram and had to have a gander immediately. Unfortunately, it’s only available in size 6 or 8, but it’s oversized so will no doubt fit a few other sizes too. I really think this trend is going to be a biggy this year.

So there you have it. A few pieces I’ve been eyeing up for my capsule wardrobe in the Summer. It’s all about embroidery, florals and colours for me this year, have you noticed?


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