Freakshakes at F’Coffee 

This weekend I finally had my first Freak Shake. 

Stalking the crap out of this little trend all over the world, I’ve been dying to get myself on the hype for a good few months. 

With new concoctions coming out in more establishments every week for the summer holidays, it was basically vital that I had one before the weekend was up. 

Staying loyal, I headed to the first place I saw them on the menu: F’Coffee – A cafe in Matlock Bath. 

Not only was I lured in by their promises of delicious drinks that could easily constitute as a meal, but also their -quite possibly – best coffee shop name I’ve ever heard of. 

This clever little cafe bar takes a simple activity and phrase and makes it into their whole branding. Now we can all make plans with our equally as cosmopolitan friends to meet up f’coffee at F’Coffee.

I’m sure for many of you, you don’t quite understand the big deal here. But let me just say, that on my first visit to Matlock Bath, I loved the name so much, I took a picture of the sign and genuinely told everyone I knew. 

And this weekend, I finally had the time to try out one of their masterpieces. Of course, I chose the one that reflected my soul and personality; the sweetest one: Skittles. 

I’ve always been a fan of Skittles milkshake, ever since the milkshake bar in my tiny-town was waaayyy too early for the ‘we blend any bar’.com or sweet, or cake, or anything trend that’s taken over every shopping centre. Now, it’s no big deal. But back then, it was revolutionary. 

But F’Coffee, it’s safe to say, one-upped the small town dream and loaded a mason jar with a mug full of the stuff, along with bubblegum sauce and edible glitter. 

And that was just inside. 

On top was a rainbow of unicorn inspired treats – lilac candy floss, skittles, a drumstick lolly, rainbow bacon, whipped cream and sprinkles, all carefully placed atop a sugary donut. Because is your freakshake really freaky without half the kitchen stacked on top? Nope. 

Let’s not forget the additional edible glitter and sauce combo that drizzled and oozed onto the very instagrammable slate plate below. 

The whole thing was magnificent and it felt somewhat odd to be drinking such a lively and colourful drink in a place that had such a nice, cool and urban aesthetic. 

From the high stools, to the wall art and lighting, the place could’ve slipped very easily into New York or Soho. 

Luckily, the prices didn’t reflect either of those places, with my rainbow treat coming in at just £5.95. Throw away that vente Starbucks and let’s go F’Coffee! 

Everywhere we turned there were freakshakes on the go. And the menu took centre stage in the middle of the wall, to catch every eager kid and big kid’s attention. 

There’s even a designated Freakshake Station and if that’s not something to aspire to, I don’t know what is. 

The coffee shop have a variety of freakshakes on the menu to meet everyone’s tastes, and each week of the holidays they’re bringing out an exclusive shake for you to try. 

Sounds like a sneaky way of getting you to go every week, and I for one will happily take the bait. 

So if you’re heading to Matlock Bath to see the sites (we also went to Heights of Abraham, but as you can see, it wasn’t the highlight), and fancy going F’Coffee, this is the place to grab a drink and cracking Instagram photo. 

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    1. Ive gone for the approach of not ever discussing my blood sugar with doctors :’)
      It was amazing and sugartastic. But strangely, my frappe today caused more of a concerning body shake for a good few hours, than the cup of sugar from Saturday!

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