Today I Feel Pretty / OOTD

You know what? Today I feel pretty. 


It’s not often you’ll get such positivity out of me, and you’ll never find me throwing out self confidence and compliments at my reflection, but today, I just feel pretty. 

Whether it’s just that I’ve accidentally chosen a good outfit today, or how adamant I am that my face mask 2 weeks ago has finally worked it’s magic on the ol’ skin. Or perhaps the fact I only had half a bag of Haribo last night, instead of the whole pack – inevitably making me feel like the healthiest gal around with some seriously strong self control – I just feel nice. Aesthetically. 




It sounds silly, but when was the last time you felt pretty? Or good looking, or just confident in your looks? And when’s the last time you acknowledged that feeling with a big, encouraging, yet-probably-very-awkward-in-practise pat on the back? 

Because if you’re anything like me, it was probably months ago. 

And therefore, I think we need to take moments like this and just revel in our feeling-goodness and make a note to remember that sometimes, we feel good about ourselves. 

And that’s fab. 

A step in the right direction. 

A little gold star on the self-esteem chart. 

 Grab the next train into town and treat yourself to something new. Buy yourself a ‘I feel pretty today’ cake and eat it like the kid in Matilda. Go out on the town and break a few hearts in an outfit that makes you feel killer. 

With your new found – even if very temporary – confidence, go wild!

I know I will. 

Let’s just say I have big plans. 

There’s home cooked Thai food, Homeland on Netflix and an ice cream sammich involved. I’ve also got a date with half a bag of Tangfastics. #healthgoddess 

…We can’t be glamorous all the time, you know… 

Happy Friday! 

(P.S After writing this, my face was puffy and red from walking to the train station. Sorry if you were expecting selfies but that ain’t my life xoxo)