Another Year Older: Belated Birthday Haul

Despite it being almost a month since the world’s favourite day of the year – my birthday – I’m only just getting round to writing up my birthday haul. And yes, that does mean that things have been perfectly left in their display packaging and placements in the living room all this time… 
I got some lovely things for my birthday this year, and had at least 3 separate celebrations because I am the queen of birthdays. 

Of course, I haven’t featured everything, but I’ve collated a few of my main presents into a Haul to give you some inspiration for when you, too, send me all my gifts… 

C O P P E R    H O M E 

I finally got some copper/rose gold baskets from my parents that I’ve been desperate for for quite some time. I don’t even have a use for them yet, I just knew I had to have some. 

Coincidentally, they match perfectly with the B&Q Cushion & vase Daniel bought me. You might’ve seen these in my #WishlistWednesday once, and I’d still definitely recommend checking out their homeware next time you’re nearby. 

All the items match so perfectly, too, so I’m excited to have a little co-ordination and the start of a colourscheme within the house. Guys did good. 

D A I N T Y    J E W E L L E R Y 

I’m not really one for going all out when it comes to jewellery, and prefer pieces I can wear day in, day out. Which is why I absolutely love my new serotonin necklace from my best friend. In my Overthinker’s Bucketlist, I mentioned I’d always wanted this as a tattoo; and now I feel I’m one step closer. 

This beautiful swallow necklace will no doubt become my everyday necklace, which I’ve needed to replace for a long time. Previous ones have been lost or just don’t have the same meaning to me anymore. 

 And, no necklace would be complete without a little bracelet to match, which is why this triple bead bracelet from Accessorize will easily become a common wearer. 

U P C Y C L E D   V I N T A G E 

After visiting a vintage fair a few months back, both mum and I ‘ummed and ahhhh’d’ like us Northerners do, on a few homeware pieces. We’re both super into chalk paint transformations and craft interior design, but we both ended up leaving the things we wanted behind, and heading home empty-handed. 

Only on my birthday did I find out that she’d rushed back and bought me this adorably shabby chic suitcase and stocked it full of goodies for my present! 

The case had everything in it from Washi tape (an essential in all homes), to face masks, and even a cuddly sheep from my stepdad’s recent visit to Ireland. 

Although I haven’t actually taken it out of the packet, I love the colours of this Unicorn ring dish. 

I’ve also got these oil balms to try out and review for stress and sleep, though I’m not sure what my parents are trying suggest… 

S O M E   M E   T I M E

We have 6 duvets and blankets in my two person house, so luckily I’ve been able to hold back from using this SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE blanket from my brother and sister in law. Because let’s face it, I was never going to get it to look photogenic again… 

The team made me a beautiful hamper for a quality night in on my own. Hot chocolate in a cat mug, popcorn, a whopper bar of Galaxy (which has been ~misplaced~), The Huntsman series and a twisted version of Beauty and the Beast to read. The pack also included a ‘Act Classy, Think Sassy’ frame because I am all about that life and they know it. 

A    S P L A S H    O F   F A S H I O N 

As you might’ve seem on my Instagram, I’ve been sufficiently glued to this pink denim by Topshop since my birthday. It’s no longer online for some reason, but it available in store. 

Also from Topshop, I got these beautifully intricate embroidered shoes. I absolutely love them (though my fat feet made it difficult to get a nice photo) and they’re perfect for the Summer-Autumn wind down. 

I also got funky dinosaur socks, New Look vouchers and stationery which I can’t wait to use. 

Overall, I’ve been so lucky this year with gifts, and as I pretty much never make requests when it comes to gifts, it was lovely to see so many people who clearly know my tastes. July was a rough month, and being reminded that there’s plenty of people who care about me was really needed.  

I hope this birthday haul gives you inspiration for all the belated gifts you’ll be sending me in the post xoxo

Apologies is formatting it messy; I’m currently computerless. 

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