Why I’m Loving Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

If you’ve been on the internet even once in the past 4 days, you’ll have seen A LOT about everyone’s favourite country-gone-pop princess and her revival into the public eye.

After far too long, Taylor Swift finally hit us hard in the face with a brand new, extremely different style of music, and it’s had a lot of criticism.

Whether it’s highlighting references to the Swift-Ye drama of 2016, her apparent stealing of Beyoncé’s dance squad formation or Miley Cyrus’s style, people have been super fast to criticise.

And whilst I seem to be in the minority of people who are loving this new phase, I literally cannot explain how much I love this song, it’s style and lyrics.

The style feels a little like the darker parts of Melanie Martinez’s Doll House album, but with of course, a Taylor Swift twist.

I think the change in rhythms and verses keeps you on your toes, and to be quite honest, I’ve really fallen for the lyrics. I’ve decided it’s my jam. And it’s part of my ‘fuck it’ attitude that I promised myself I’d have this year.

Truth is, this year I’ve felt super shit. And quite frankly, super sick of the way people treat me. And I think that’s why I’m totally loving this whole new darker scene for Taylor, as she’s essentially ready to take responsibility for what she’s done, and to tear down everyone who’s made her feel crap.

I think it has the total potential to be an empowering song for anyone who’s heading to the point where they’re frustrated with rumours or being treated badly for too long.

I love the idea that ‘the old Taylor is dead’, and I’ve found myself wanting to be this strong; to be able give up parts of my own reputation in  order to think about myself and who I want to be, and who I’m going to let trample on me all the time.

In similar ways, phases of my life and character have died. And I’ve definitely felt dead -mentally – for weeks at a time. But have I stayed down? Nope, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time. 

Is that bad?

Absolutely not.

I’m ready to let go of the people in my life who’ve spent way too much time using me for their benefit and never actually being there for me when I need them. And whilst I’ve not been in a position where my life story has been all over the internet, with everybody who’s anybody free to criticise and gossip about my life, I do feel really ready to relate to this new song.

Taylor Swift has had many phases, and we saw just a glimmer of this new phase in Shake It Off, it was just a little more sugar coated. In Shake It Off and Blank Space, Taylor again discusses rumours and the media and their portrayal of her, and clearly – now we’re seeing Look What You Made Me Do – she’s had enough.

And I for one, am with her.

So whilst this probably isn’t everyone’s favourite new song, I for one will be adding it to my ‘strutting to work like the sassy girl boss I wish I was’ playlist, as I think about becoming a stronger version of me for the future.

She’s even big enough to give us the perfect little Easter Egg at the end of the video in which she mocks her own albums and phases with quotes and names other people have been so quick to give her.

I think she’s come back stronger than ever before, and mocking herself – I feel – is just the first part of this revival.

The album Reputation isn’t out until November, but I’ll definitely be tuning in to see what the new Taylor has to offer the world that’s been so awful to her for so long.

You can find the official video here

But the lyric video is also super great



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