There’s a Website Dedicated to Crazy Cat Lady Gifts: My Top 6

If you’ve never been able to suss out what exactly was missing in your life; and that empty void that grows a little more with each day passing. then fear not. I got chu. Thanks to some cracking Product Marketing Ads by Facebook, my stream is constantly full of weird online stores that I am 100% interested in every time. As a marketer, it’s actually … Continue reading There’s a Website Dedicated to Crazy Cat Lady Gifts: My Top 6

Halloween with Undiz

I recently discovered a new lingerie brand, which I’ve fallen entirely in love with. But! As soon as October began, and everyone started thinking about one of the best nights of the year – Halloween – this killer brand brought out one of the best ranges for saucy, cosy and cool costumes. £ 10.00 HANDSKULLIZ BLACK HIPSTERS £ 19.00 RAYONIZ BLACK SWEATSHIRT or… £ 19.00 … Continue reading Halloween with Undiz

Commuter’s 10: Primark Wishlist 

I spend a lot of time on trains at the moment, back and forth from Bingley to Chesterfield for work. Most of the time I’m the cool kid dozing off every five minutes, or skipping social media checks to work on my crossword score. But after the train strikes – thanks Northern Rail – I was left with 56 minutes to shop Primark’s finest and … Continue reading Commuter’s 10: Primark Wishlist