There’s a Website Dedicated to Crazy Cat Lady Gifts: My Top 6

If you’ve never been able to suss out what exactly was missing in your life; and that empty void that grows a little more with each day passing. then fear not. I got chu.

Thanks to some cracking Product Marketing Ads by Facebook, my stream is constantly full of weird online stores that I am 100% interested in every time. As a marketer, it’s actually really annoying to be drawn in, but sometimes, you’ve just got to make an exception.


Keepin’ ma cool.

Yep, has every situation in your life covered. You need a bag? Here’s one with a cat on it. You need a night light? How about a cat light. Thirsty? Why not drink from this cat mug. See?

As a fellow cat-adorer, I’m pretty set on buying all my friends gifts from this site, so just a heads up to anyone expecting a Christmas present this year.

Here’s my top 6:

‘My Cat Needs Attention’ LED Decoration Lamp – $64

"My Cat Needs Attention" LED Decoration Lamp

Bring Kitty Home Glass Mug With Lid – $29

Bring Kitty Home Glass Mug with Lid

House of Cats Wallpaper – $32 

House Of Cats Wall Paper

Kawaii Cat Mini Planner – $29

Kawaii Cat Mini Planner Notebook

The Crazy Cat Face Cup – $38

The Crazy Cat Face Cup

You’re All Mine Cat & Pearl Ring – $50

You're All Mine Cat and Pearl Ring

Aka My extremely cheap engagement ring (please and thanks)



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