Halloween with Undiz

I recently discovered a new lingerie brand, which I’ve fallen entirely in love with. But! As soon as October began, and everyone started thinking about one of the best nights of the year – Halloween – this killer brand brought out one of the best ranges for saucy, cosy and cool costumes. £ 10.00 HANDSKULLIZ BLACK HIPSTERS £ 19.00 RAYONIZ BLACK SWEATSHIRT or… £ 19.00 … Continue reading Halloween with Undiz

Commuter’s 10: Primark Wishlist 

I spend a lot of time on trains at the moment, back and forth from Bingley to Chesterfield for work. Most of the time I’m the cool kid dozing off every five minutes, or skipping social media checks to work on my crossword score. But after the train strikes – thanks Northern Rail – I was left with 56 minutes to shop Primark’s finest and … Continue reading Commuter’s 10: Primark Wishlist 

OOTD: That In-betweeny Not Quite Autumn Bit

The weather’s getting to that point in the year where it just can’t make its mind up. September’s always a funny one when it comes to deciding what to wear; waking up to grey, muggy clouds and ending the day with sunburn and a impromptu barbeque. Personally, me and my incapability to regulate my own temperature find this part of the year just generally quite … Continue reading OOTD: That In-betweeny Not Quite Autumn Bit

Today I Feel Pretty / OOTD

You know what? Today I feel pretty.  DENIM – TOPSHOP  It’s not often you’ll get such positivity out of me, and you’ll never find me throwing out self confidence and compliments at my reflection, but today, I just feel pretty.  Whether it’s just that I’ve accidentally chosen a good outfit today, or how adamant I am that my face mask 2 weeks ago has finally … Continue reading Today I Feel Pretty / OOTD

Wishlist Wednesday: InTheStyle

I’m always on the lookout for new bits and bobs to spruce up my work wardrobe. It’s distinctly lacking, and with no real, set uniform, I’ve worn the same stuff over and over again. If I could find a solid selection of day dresses and tops, the morning wake up call would be super easy. When looking out for my Wishlist Wednesday brand of the … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday: InTheStyle

Wishlist Wednesday: BooHoo

Pretty much everyone loves Boohoo, and there’ll never not be something to pine over. It’s a pretty new brand in the grand scheme of things, and I’ve been shopping since day one – so it’s cool to see how far they’ve come and the change in their style and variety. This week, we’re taking things back to this high street style brand, to take a … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday: BooHoo

Wishlist Wednesday: Own Saviour 

Every week for the I’ll be sharing with you a variety of wishlists from stores and sites I’ve recently visited. You can catch up with the whole series in the Fashion Tab. A couple of weeks ago, this brand – Own Saviour – followed me on Instagram, and as with any follower I get, I like to have a little stalk to see what they’re … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday: Own Saviour 

Wishlist Wednesday: Sainsbury’s 

Every week for the I’ll be sharing with you a variety of wishlists from stores and sites I’ve recently visited. You can catch up with the whole series in the Fashion Tab.  Nipping in for our weekly shop, and having to wait for our fresh pizza to be made (ugh, the inconvenience, amiright?) I had a little look at the latest supermarket homeware and stationery … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday: Sainsbury’s 

#LoveYourself ft. Swim Classy

“Today I am wearing lacy black underwear For the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them.’ – Hannah Baker, 13 Reasons Why Anyone else spent years eagerly waiting for this season to come out?  This quote from Hannah’s poem perfectly sums up what we were talking about in my last post, which we’re continuing with this week: Feeling attractive for ourselves. As you might’ve … Continue reading #LoveYourself ft. Swim Classy