DIY Christmas: Nightmare Snatchers for Insomniacs

After 2 months of unemployment, Christmas was a cheap, cheerful, and sometimes homemade festival. Knowing a few people who suffer from overthinking and anxieties, I decided to have a look online for gifts that could help keep them calm in the upcoming year. One friend had said she suffered a lot from reoccurring nightmares, and her therapist had suggested she ‘rewrites’ them when she wakes … Continue reading DIY Christmas: Nightmare Snatchers for Insomniacs

When you’re prescribed medication

There’s a huge stigma towards Mental Health issues and being medicated for such. Antidepressants, anti-anxiety and sleeping tablets are never something someone openly admits to taking, and there’s a sense of shame covering up the whole idea that the medication is there to help. There’s people who will refuse medications and sit through endless therapy sessions hoping to get better, and there’s people who can’t … Continue reading When you’re prescribed medication

Bad Moods aren’t always Depression. 

As I come to the end of my therapy sessions, the inevitable fear of relapsing is kicking in a little. I – like most people – have good weeks and bad weeks. Sometimes I have great days and bad months.   But once you’ve suffered with something like a mental health problem, those bad times can go from bad to horrific in 0-3 seconds. Rather than … Continue reading Bad Moods aren’t always Depression. 

CBT | The 7 Step Problem Solve

Anxiety is often a feeling of being overwhelmed, and finding a source for the feeling can be tricky.
It might not be easy to notice the problem, and so finding a reason for your tight chest, nerves or low mood tends to lead us to blaming a number of things, but doing nothing about them.

I find after work I set out a million and one things to do with my evening; whether it’s cooking a really nice meal, exercising, blogging or anything else, it’s on a neat list and I’m feeling ready. But more often than not, I come home and do nothing. I suppose, with so many things to do, we become overwhelmed and effectively stop our productivity.

Which is why we need to break things down: Identify the real reasons behind our moods and nerves. This can be done in 7 steps. Continue reading “CBT | The 7 Step Problem Solve”

CBT | What if?

Our anxious minds have bad habit of thinking the worst case scenario for everything we do.

In any situation, it’s easier to see the terrible consequences, rather than the good. We tend not to focus on good things that happen, and worry more about bad things that have happened, might happen or will happen.

Anxiety for many is a big question of ‘What if’ and with this never ending fear of things going wrong, upsetting someone or messing up, our adrenaline is constantly high and our fight or flight system is ignited unnecessarily. Continue reading “CBT | What if?”